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  • Glad I Found Lyla

    Hunny Madu

    This probiotic drink is 100% VEGAN and works to maintain and strengthen my immune system if consumed daily.

  • I feel more energetic!

    Syakira Ridzal

    Helps to improve my overall health and increases my immunity levels, which makes me feel more protected

  • Boost our immune system 😍

    Weena Marcus

    I get to do my task at ease without feeling tired midway!

  • Making it a habit

    Soraya Ghazalie

    I’m making IN THE PINK part of my defense team to keep me healthier this 2021.

  • Love It

    Iman Mohamed Osman

    I start my mornings with by drinking IN THE PINK. As a woman, it's so important to get the energy you need and to go about your day.

  • Everyday..


    I take in the pink everyday. It helps me to stay more focused and energized throughout the day

  • Brilliant Stuff

    Jazel Lim

    But this drink doesn't only help you boost your energy. It also helps you with boosting the immune system that helps protect you from getting the flu and a cold too!



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